Vulnerability Spotlight: TALOS-2018-0635/0636 – Sophos HitmanPro.Alert memory disclosure and code execution vulnerabilities

By Talos Group Overview Cisco Talos is disclosing two vulnerabilities in Sophos HitmanPro.Alert, a malware detection and protection tool. Both vulnerabilities lie in the input/output control (IOCTL) message handler. One could allow an

Source:: Cisco Security Notice

Tackling the Growing Threat Landscape of ICS and the IIoT

By Edna Conway It is no secret that the proliferation of connected devices and sensors has introduced new and growing security challenges across every industry and enterprise.

Source:: Cisco Security Notice

Using Threat Intelligence Effectively in Security Automation and Orchestration with DFLabs and Cisco Security

By Jessica Bair When a security incident occurs, it is unlikely that the entire scope and chain of events will be obvious from the outset.

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Jetzt wird’s .sport-lich

2017 wurde auf dem internationalen Sport-Markt ein Umsatz von 990 Milliarden US-Dollar generiert (Quelle:
Eine beeindruckende Größe, die .SPORT zu einer vielversprechenden new gTLD macht.

.SPORT – aktuell in der Sunrise Phase – ist eine „community-based“ TLD für die weltweite Sport-Gemeinschaft (Verbände, Athleten, Medien, Sponsoren etc.).

Hinweis: Um die Community-Zugehörigkeit anzuzeigen, muss bei der Registrierung angegeben werden, wofür die .SPORT-Domain genutzt werden soll.

Aktuell läuft die Sunrise-Phase der Domainregistrierung. Während diese Phase können nur Markeninhaber eine .sport Domain registrieren.
Ab 08.01.2019 steht die Domainendung dann zur freien Registrierung bereit.

.nTLD Startdatum der Live-Registrierung
.sport 08.01.2019

Sie möchten sich eine .sport Domain sichern und nach Freischaltung nutzen?
Nehmen Sie mit uns Kontakt auf und wir klären gerne die Details mit Ihnen.
Tel.: +49 2261 915500

War Games: A WOPR of a Security Test (part 1)

By Tim (Wadhwa-)Brown In what was an interesting change to the usual technical and risk/compliance focused consultancy, the Team carried out a War Games exercise – similar to a „Red Team“ engagement.

Source:: Cisco Security Notice

Threat Roundup for October 12-19

By Talos Group Today, as we do every week, Talos is giving you a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed this week — covering the dates between Oct. 12 and 19.

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Tracking Tick Through Recent Campaigns Targeting East Asia

By Talos Group Since 2016, an advanced threat group that Cisco Talos is tracking has carried out cyberattacks against South Korea and Japan. This group is known by several different names: Tick, Redbaldknight

Source:: Cisco Security Notice

Vulnerability Spotlight: Live Networks LIVE555 streaming media RTSPServer code execution vulnerability

By Talos Group These vulnerabilities were discovered by Lilith Wyatt of Cisco Talos. Cisco Talos is disclosing a code execution vulnerability that has been identified in Live Networks LIVE555 streaming media RTSPServer. LIVE555

Source:: Cisco Security Notice

Vulnerability Spotlight: Linksys ESeries Multiple OS Command Injection Vulnerabilities

By Talos Group These vulnerabilities were discovered by Jared Rittle of Cisco Talos Today, Talos is disclosing several vulnerabilities that have been identified in Linksys E Series of routers operating system. Multiple exploitable

Source:: Cisco Security Notice

Why ISE Continues to Win

By Dan Stotts Frost and Sullivan recently announced Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) won their 2018 NAC Market Leadership Award. The importance of Network Access Control (NAC) is actually growing, with

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