Top 5 Recommendations from Cisco Incident Response Engagements

By Sean Mason In the course of an emergency response, our Incident Response (IR) team constantly makes tactical and strategic recommendations according to customer and environment needs. Here are the 5 top recommendations.

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DevSecOps: Lessons Learned

By Sujata Ramamoorthy Adoption of DevSecOps and the security improvements thereof has been quite impressive and has exceeded our own initial expectations.

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Talos Threat Round Up for April 20-27

By Talos Group Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed between April 06 and April 13. As with previous round-ups, this post isn’t meant to be an

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Raise the Bar, Make an Impact, Put Security Above Everything

By Jeff Samuels Cisco at RSA Conference 2018 At the RSA Conference (RSAC) 2018 last week, more attendees and exhibitors than ever before hit the streets of San Francisco. The annual gathering of

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GravityRAT – The Two-Year Evolution Of An APT Targeting India

By Talos Group This blog post is authored by Warren Mercer and Paul Rascagneres. Summary Today, Cisco Talos is uncovering a new piece of malware, which has remained under the radar for the

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Vulnerability Spotlight: Hyland Perceptive Document Filters Multiple Vulnerabilites

By Talos Group Vulnerabilities discovered by Marcin ‚Icewall‘ Noga from Talos Overview Talos has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Hyland Perceptive Document Filters software. This software is a toolkit that allows developers to

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Incident Response and General Data Protection Regulation

By Kamil Janton A new regulation is upon us. Set to take effect on May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law implemented within the European Union (EU)

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Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2018

Wie entwickelt sich die Sicherheitslage im klassischen Unternehmensnetzwerk? Welche neuen Bedrohungen und Trends sind zu beobachten? Welche neuen sicherheitsrelevanten Betrachtungen sollte man im Hinblick auf die stark anwachsende Zahl an IoT-Geräten vornehmen?

Der Annual Cybersecurity Report unseres Partners Cisco zeigt Unternehmensverantwortlichen genau das, was Cyberkriminelle geheim halten wollen. Kernthemen sind 2018 die Entwicklung von Schadsoftware, die Nutzung von Verschlüsselungstechniken durch Kriminelle, oder auch die Aussicht auf vermehrte IoT-Attacken.

Lesen Sie den Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2018 hier und sprechen Sie uns auf Lösungen für Ihre Sorgen im Netzwerk an.

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Perspectives on Cryptomining

By Marc Blackmer If you keep up with trends in security, you’ve likely heard about illicit cryptomining – software that hijacks system resources to generate cryptocurrencies. We’ve been busy updating our product portfolio

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Cisco Partners with Leading MDM/EMM Vendors to Secure Your iOS Devices

By Kalie Radsmikham Remember when I mentioned that Cisco Security Connector has plans to expand their MDM/EMM integration capabilities? Well, I’m happy to report that we are doing just that. Last week, we

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