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Vulnerability Walkthrough: – 7zip CVE-2016-2334 HFS+ Code Execution Vulnerability

By Talos Group This blog post was authored by Marcin Noga of Cisco Talos. Introduction In 2016 Talos released an advisory for CVE-2016-2334, which was a remote code execution vulnerability affecting certain versions of 7zip, a popular compression utility. In this blog post we will walk through the process of weaponizing this vulnerability and creating […]

CMS Brute Force Attacks Are Still a Threat

By Anna Shirokova Brute force attacks have existed long before the Internet. As a cryptanalytic attack, it started being used as an attempt to access encrypted data when there were no other options available. With the rise of the Internet, this type of attack was quickly adopted. In a nutshell, a brute force attack consists […]

Improving Cybersecurity in Healthcare Part II: Control

By Kevin Skahill The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in an exciting digital renaissance that is redefining the traditional models of how healthcare is delivered. With IoT devices such as smart infusion pumps or connected inhalers, healthcare providers can now remotely monitor and adjust care. IoT devices in healthcare, where mobile and wearable devices […]

Dissecting a Breach: The Process of Incident Response

By Matt Aubert On December 5, 2017, at 1 pm Eastern, Cisco Security Incident Response Service experts will present a webinar titled “Dissecting a Breach: An Incident Responder’s Perspective.” This webinar will describe how our team performs incident handling within the service and what you should expect during any incident engagement, regardless of who is […]

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud Announces Support for AWS PrivateLink

By Ron Sterbenz Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud recently launched as a fully procurable SaaS service available on AWS Marketplace. As a security service available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stealthwatch Cloud provides security monitoring, visualization, and automatic threat detection. Stealthwatch Cloud uses advanced modeling and machine learning techniques to identify behavior changes in AWS provisioned entities. […]